Pregnancy Tests

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Pregnancy tests are offered on a walk-in basis or by appointment with a consultant or a medical doctor. Results are available immediately by using state-of-the-art equipment.

wcm-women-health-photo5There are four different tests available to confirm your pregnancy:

Urine Test
Will be reliable for confirmation of a pregnancy only after 2 weeks of a late menstrual period.

Sensitive Urine Test
This test is as sensitive as a serum blood test and will confirm a pregnancy even one week before a missed period or seven days after ovulation. You don’t have to miss a period to have this test performed.

Serum Blood Test
Will turn positive also seven days after ovulation and will give us further information about the age of the pregnancy and if the pregnancy is progressing adequately.

To determine the length of the pregnancy, if there are multiple gestations and the development of the gestation.